Founder / CEO

Chief (Dr.) Fabian Nwaora (OON)

The man with a vision and deep commitment to create change in real estate and affordable homes for all in Nigeria’s real estate market. With over 26 years of experience in real estate and over 48 years in business and management. Assisted by the executive director - Evelyn Nwaora and three other directors Henry Nwaora, Edith Obiukwu and Fabian Nwaora Jnr.

Executive Director

Evelyn Nwaora

Experience: Over 30 years of experience in business and management
Responsibility: Finance and accounting
Specialisation: Accounting


Henry Nwaora

Experience: 10 years of experience in residential, commercial and infrastructural construction and management
Specialisation: Construction and management


Edith Obiukwu

Experience: 6 years of experience in banking with a focus on customer relations and business development and 2 years of experience in real estate development.


Fabian Nwaora Jnr

Experience: 5 years in business and management
Responsibility: Research and development
Specialisation: Marketing

General Manager

Segun Adeleke

  • Experience: 26 years of experience in sales and business management
  • Responsible: Monitors daily operations of the organisation
  • Specialisation: Management
Senior Finance Officer

Yakubu Ibrahim

  • Experience: Over 28 Years of Professional Experience in Finance and Accounting.
  • Responsible: Senior Accountant
  • Specialisation: Finance, Accounting and Tax
Procurement Officer

Edward Orisakwe

  • Experience: Over 19 Years in Procurement.
  • Responsible: Procurement, Marketing and Survey
  • Specialisation: Procurement
Human Resource Manager

Sandra Ndukwe

  • Experience: Over 7 Years in Human Resource Management
  • Responsible: Develops and Implements Human Resource Management Strategies and Administration.
  • Specialisation: People/Operations/Business/Project Management, Document Control/ Archiving, Contract Process Mastery, Employee and Client Relations.
Company Secretary

Barrister Obinna Ajuko (SAN)

  • Experience:Over 18 Years in Law
  • Responsible:Legal Adviser.
  • Specialisation: Law