Efab’s properties are built with the intention to deliver value to our stakeholders.
Yes. EFAB Properties has properties in Asaba, Awka, Lagos and Portharcourt.


  • Outright
  • 70% deposit with 30% spread over 90 days
  • Mortgage, visit First Generation Mortgage Bank for more details
  1. Visit our office to speak with the sales department on enquiry
  2. Check for availability at your desired location
  3. Check for availability of your house type
  4. Confirm the price of the property you want to purchase
  1. Site inspection and reservation on site
  2. Purchase a developer’s form
  3. Make payment
  1. Photocopies of a valid identification
  2. Passport photographs
  3. Completed developer’s form
  4. Evidence of payment

Provisional letter of allocation and official receipts

A facility manager

Get in touch or visit our office

  1. Identify desired property
  2. Authorization letter from the property owner
  3. Apply for search
  4. Obtain search report
  5. File legal documentation on the conclusion of transaction