The service we render among others is building and selling estates to provide affordable homes to needy Nigerians.

Electrical/Mechanical Engineering

Our Electrical/Mechanical Services have been expanded to include:

  • Feasibility/Planning Studies
  • Design of main service for large developments
  • Design and supervision of mechanical/electrical services installation in buildings
Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveying services include project budgeting, cost control, time control, fluctuation projections and efficient resources allocation.

EFAB PROPERTIES LTD recognizes the need for project to be managed and planned and carefully monitored, both during the pre-contract design period and the post contract construction works to achieve the prescribed project objective. Our typical project management service could be identified into five stages namely:

  • Define and determine project objective and evolve a skeletal brief and programme priorities.
  • Define programme brief.
  • Define the required level of client involvement.
  • Set out the detailed client requirements in respect of approval.
  • Examine the clients proposal
  • Develop the clients brief
  • Establishment project technical feasibility
  • Prepare a preliminary total project programme
  • Assist the design consultants in obtaining statutory approvals.
  • Monitor the preparation of preliminary drawings/specifications.
  • Establish all detailed insurance requirements
  • Obtain a preliminary budget from the quantity surveyor
  • Consult with the design team until an optimum scheme is produced
  • In conjunction with the design team prepare a feasibility report and obtain clients approval.
  • Receive and process consultants fee accounts.
  • Advice on the selection and appointment of contractor(s)
  • Set up management structure
  • Define responsibilities and line of communication of all parties
  • Produce and monitor a computerized critical path network for design
  • Monitor the development of design/specifications
  • Monitor budget and obtain a pre-tender estimate from Quantity Surveyor
  • Check that planning permission and building regulation approvals are obtained
  • Co-ordinate the compilation of all contract documents by the design team.
  • Through the design team obtain the contractors proposals in terms of sourcing and monitoring throughout the works.
  • Via the design team obtain and monitor contractors’ critical path network and works.
  • Obtain the contractors information required, schedule and produce feasibility programme for the design consultants to achieve.
  • In conjunction with the contractor, integrate and co-ordinate design, procurement programme.
  • Monitor progress on site in conjunction with the design team
  • Attend regular progress meetings and receive design team and contractors’ reports
  • In conjunction with the design team, report to the client regularly on function time cost and quality
  • Co-ordinate the design teams’ inspection of all site works
  • Monitor the certification of payments
  • Attend regular progress meetings, receive design team and contractors’ report and prepare an overall project report to client
  • Prepare and issue to the client an analysis of progress trends on major aspects of the works.
  • Instigate all pre-commissioning checks
  • Monitor the completion of the final account
  • Ensure the works are monitored during the defects liability period
  • Monitor design teams preparation of a schedule of planned prevention maintenance and advice on the necessity of a maintenance contract for essential plant and equipment.

Under the engineering and architectural services, EFAB PROPERTIES LTD, have been providing engineering services in the fields of:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Water supply
  • Design and supervision of roads
  • Bridges
  • Hospital/schools
  • Stadium and other sports complexes
  • Dams and channels
  • Public utilities
  • Industrial & Commercial projects
  • Material specification for projects
Our Scope

The scope of services rendered by EFAB PROPERTIES LTD covers the following areas:

In its quest to provide professional service in the field of planning, the firm seeks to assist clients in creating a better environment for people to live and work in. Over the years we provided consultancy service in the areas of:

  • Regional studies
  • City and other urban studies
  • Local plans
  • Action areas planning
  • Conservation
  • Rehabilitation and Recreational facilities have also been undertaken