Efab Queens Estate, Karsana


This Estate is located in within the Gwarimpa axis of Abuja, bounded by Hall 7, FHA Estate, Mab Global and Verizon Estates. Sitting on over 70 Hectares of land. This Estate can be accessed through Gwarimpa, Life Camp and Efab Metropolitan, Karsana.

House types

This Estate sits on over 70 Hectares of land with the following house types:

  • 3-bedroom detached bungalow with space for 2 rooms BQ.
  • 4-bedroom detached bungalow with space for 2 rooms BQ.
  • 5-bedroom detached duplex with space for 2 rooms BQ.

We equally sell at various stages of development.

  • Virgin plot
  • DPC
  • Blockwork
  • First floor blockwork
  • Roofed/carcass
  • Completed


From N11, 375, 000.00 to N125, 000, 000. 00


  • Outright Purchase
  • Conditional Purchase: Pay 70% and take possession, and pay the balance within a 4 month period.
  • NHF: pay 30% down payment and process the balance through FGMB within the above mentioned Scheme. Balance can be paid within 10 to 30 years depending on your unexpired service years.
  • Smart Homes: make 50% down payment and take possession, take advantage of an in-house mortgage provider who will pay us the balance at 10% interest to you; repayable in 6(six) years.
  • Rent to Own: pay your annual rent for 13 years and own the house. Take possession from point of payment of year one.


  • Schools
  • Recreation
  • Church and Mosque
  • Well reticulated water supply
  • Electricity
  • Good road network
  • corner shops
  • clinics
  • Guest chalets
  • pharmacy
  • police post.